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Prices for the Season Pass 24/25 by purchasing date as follows:


159 € when purchased 31.3.-30.4.2024

189 € when purchased 1.5.-31.10.2024

219 € when purchased 1.11.-21.12.2024


Normal price (350€) from 22.12.-



Prices for the Season Family Pass by purchasing date as follows:*

Guardian Pass + 1 Child Pass

320 €, follow-up Child Passes 80 € when purchased 31.3.-30.4.2024

380 €, follow-up Child Passes 95 € when purchased 1.5.-31.10.2024

440 €, follow-up Child Passes 110 € when purchased 1.11.-21.12.2024

Normal price from (700€, follow up Child Passes 175€) 22.12.-

A SKIDATA keycard access system is used in Mustavuori. All passes are loaded onto reusable RFID keycards.

Buy and load your ski pass directly onto your keycard online at Mustavuori Online Shop.

All ski passes are personal except for the Guardian Passes (of the Family Season Pass) and Business Season Passes. A fee of 150 euros is charged in the event of someone else than the owner of a ski pass using it.

*The Family Season Pass includes one Guardian Pass and one or more Child Passes. One of the child’s guardians is allowed to ski at a time with the Guardian Pass. A child born in 2012 or after is allowed to ski with the Child Pass. Child Passes are personal.

NB: Only the Guardian Pass is registered into the system at purchase. Child  Pass information will be registered in the Mustavuori ticket office.

Season Pass is


Winter 2024/2025

NOW Season Pass 159 & Family Season Pass* from 320!

**With Mustavuori winter 2024/2025 Seson Pass  -15% discount from our partners:

- Ruka & Pyhä ski passes and normal priced season passes.

- Surf House Helsinki surf prices.

- Flowpark Varala flowpark prices.



Mustavuori ski pass prices

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Instruction for payment of a pass

Mustavuori X Rentle online shop accepts :

  • Domestic banks' online payments:



Danske Bank


Oma Säästöpankki

POP Pankki





  • Card payment:



  • Mobile payment:

Apple Pay

Google Pay


Paying with sport vouchers:

  • The season ticket can be paid with sports vouchers at Mustavuori ticket / rental shop during the opening hours

  • Mustavuori Season Pass can be paid fully or in part by sport vouchers.

  • Sport vouchers may only be used to pay passes for your own personal use or personal part of the the Family Season Pass .

  • A keycard may not be purchased by sport vouchers (since it is not a service).

Sport service provider:

Mustavuori Oy
Nokiantie 150
33330 Tampere

More information:

Sport service provider:

Mustavuori Oy
Nokiantie 150
33330 Tampere

More information:


Purchasing or collecting a purchased Season Pass from the ticket office:


You are welcome to purchase a Mustavuori Season Pass from the ticket office at opening hours. We accept bank/credit cards, sport and cultural vouchers and cash. Please avoid using cash due to the Covid-19 situation.

The ticket office is open according to Bike Park opening hours during the summer.

Prepurchased Season Passes can be collected from the ticket office at opening hours.


NB: Season Pass prices change before the beginning of the season.

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